Namanya soto minang

The noodles used is glass noodles (suhun), not bihun. Begedil is home made and nice. The black pieces are actually beef pieces fried to crisp. A bit black but tasty. And some peanut (which I do not eat even in nasi lemak).  I tried this at Tesco at stall Ibu Sejati. The stall has been there for quote some time, but we were only eating from the small wok stall. Recently the small wok stall changed cook and had a price hike, but the food was not as tasty as before. We just tried our luck with our first order at Ibu Sejati and liked it. Funny it was that the menu says Hokkien mi but it was made quite hot 😅 So I always asked for the noodles to not be fried with chilli pepper in it, so as other food like mi sup and fried rice. So no more ordering from the small wok stall.