Long time no blog about cooking 😁

I thought I put up a pretty nice dinner tonight 😉
Some rice teamed up with stir fried beef in black pepper sauce, braised vegetable mustard and enokitake, and my favourite roasted capsicum. I cooked Mr. Daddy a small cut of roasted chicken because he does not eat beef and threw some large cuts of capsicum roasting together with the chicken. This is such a nice ensemble, tasty, humble and simple! Nowadays, I often use my 'magic pan', pretty much once every two weeks for roasting chicken. Sometimes I could just throw in some potatoes as well. Easy cooking yet tasty. Prior to roasting, chicken is marinated overnight in the refrigerator with my choice of spices. Then, I usually pack the marinated chicken into portions that I will be cooking later. Straight into the pan from the refrigerator and no need to constantly look after the cooking.

Forget to filter, but nevertheless ... 😋😋