dulu kata tak nak exam oriented tapi skrg lebih2 exam oriented

I think two weeks wasted to exam week. This week we had music, health, arts, IT, RBT, pendidikan Islam/ moral and history tests. One test took one hour and most of the students were done with those papers in 20 minutes. Not that the questions were too easy, but I do not know for certain why. Perhaps they were too difficult? And some just could not be bothered with doing well. If they do not want to answer, there is nothing the teacher could do. Some even act cool and know it all by saying yes, I know that these subjects will not be taken into account with the UPSR subjects.

So I am trying my best to complete the markings of my 5 TMK classes because next week I will get my hands on the science papers, two sets times four classes times average 35 students. And that guru besar wants us all to finish uploading marks onto SAPS server  before 9th. June. Nampak sgt tak tau sorang cgu nak tanda byk mana.