Gameloft March of Empires Alliance Raid

Alliance Raid, or DC is an alliance battle against the Black Knights in the Dark Citadel (hence the DC term). Before an alliance can perform this war, we have to collect a certain number of keys by attacking encounters, and the leader can start the raid then.

Once summoned, DC will appear at a random location in any of the alliance's capitals.
There's the Dark Citadel, where its most valiant knights await.
Just click Rally. Yours and your fellow alliance members' troops will gather before attacking. The first Rally is free. If you want to Rally more than once, you have to pay 20k gold.
Rally time will depend on how many of your alliance members are ready with their troops. If they are so ready, you can attack DC immediately. If they are not, just prepare longer interval.
In one rally, 20 members can take part at the max. Refer to the number of soldiers needed (rally size). So if rally size is let's say 1 million soldiers, you can send in your maximum march size or lesser. Rally size, March size 😅😅 So if one member send in a larger march size, we do not need 20 people in 1 rally. Sometimes, people send really small march so even if 20 places filled still cannot meet the rally size, got that?
After we set rally time, 👆 will appear. You can choose any formaption and troops, but make it optimum by focusing on talents, activate Attack bonus, activate VIP which have 20% attack bonus, and choose equipments to further enhance your troop's talents. 
Say here I focus on swordsmen, horsemen and archers so Talents have more points on these troops and equipments chosen also have more percentage on these troops.
Battling in DC occur in waves starting from wave 1 with the least number of Black knights up to 20 waves if not mistaken. In this example here, I only made it to Wave 10, meaning that my rally lost to Wave 11 knights. Everyone in the rally then gets a prize (Raid Reward) after the waves concluded. The prize is usually healing item. My rally size is already 3.5 million, but currently I focus talents on gathering and so few points on battling so this outcome is bad. At this size and focused on army talents, this rally could reach up to wave 13. Anyway, after 12 hours, DC will disappear.
WHY ATTACK DC? After the event concluded, everyone will be rewarded with a chest filled with handsome amount of gold and a specialized equipment. After each rally, a set of score is given and we would have to reach a certain score to obtain a certain chest. Shown here, if we reach 800, we will get a Gold chest, 500 for a Silver chest, 250 a Bronze chest and lesser will get a Wooden chest. The amount of gold obtained depends on the level of your castle, so if your castle is still low level, swiftly upgrade it to enjoy the full benefit of Alliance Raid. 
So what is there in the reward chests? These are examples of the cool equipments that you MAY get, not for certain. I started joining Alliance raid last year in the new server with the new alliance when my castle was already level 25 like that. So I have got every single item in the above shot. In the picture on the right castle level 30, 31, I only do not get the ring yet.
Raid Fatigue is the cool down period applied after DC has disappeared, meaning that the alliance cannot start another raid immediately, nor we could join raids in other alliances for the next 3 days.
Alliances perform raids only if they are sure that most of them will take part and get the golden chest at the end. So before it starts, upper rank officers will  constantly mail you about gathering enough resources and the date DC will commence. We would usually train a good number of T1 for DC because they heal immediately. Smaller alliances would allow players from other alliance to join their DC to maximise the number of participants. The best part of alliance raid is that EVERYBODY GETS THEIR SHARE OF THE REWARDS EVEN IF THEY DO NOT SEND TROOPS. So some diligent officers will take note of the participants and give warning to those who always leeching from others' effort.
Happy raiding any way you play it 😊