Tasik Cempaka Bandar Baru Bangi playtime

Our outing today just to get the children out and active! I search around the internet and saw this place Tasik Cempaka in Bandar Baru Bangi having 2 large playgrounds. We just played on the playground near McD restaurant. The slides are huge and fun. The children were playing there all they wanted for almost an hour. I wanted to cime earlier, at least we got there bedore 8:30a.m but I had something with   my household chores in the morning so only get to start driving a little past 8a.m. So we got there at almost nine. Anyway, we just continued playing until it was getting hotter. We had some food again at the nearby McD and play a little more there. Before heading hime, I just took a quick drive to the other side of the park and saw the other slides on the other side of the lake. Perhaps we could come again over here some other times.
And that gave me enough pictures to fill in an album. I got this F&N and Photobook offer. Can't wait to get the album next week 😍😍