Thinking of a new game experience

Sup y'all.

I am thinking of another game to discover and blog about. I have tried that orang lidi game. I think it is enjoyable but as for my part I feel like I have to think so much about it which I do not like at all. There was another game as well but it has some kind of a story board which if I do not follow I will likely to miss out so much. And there was a game I tried graphically awesome but the missions and quests are quite  complicated. At this stage of life, I just want a bit of variation and less thinking in my games.
But really I still like the idea of KoC. We can attack anybody anytime and nobody is going to get mad at us no matter how bad the attack has been. Some games, when you lose, you lose them all so as your sanity. After a few failed attempts, you will just stop.