Gameloft March of Empires Supply and Demand Event

When this event kicked in on the older server, I managed to reached Tier 3 prize for the Alliance all by myself because the Goods scattered were really abundant. I came to really like this event better than the Merchant's Challenge. Since we moved into this newer server, this is actually the first time I pay attention to this event though, and it has not been my priority to complete. 
I was really looking forward into achieving the Tier 3 prize. Reaching this score just after about an hour looking around.
Stopped a while to iron clothes and put the children to bed, I finally reaches my goal. If nobody else completing this event, I will stay in Top 15.
If we could use a couple of hours to focus on the game and achieve something, it would be really great. I stopped focusing on this event because the Goods were really hard to find. Sometimes after half an hour looking I could barely find even 1 Goods. Even other Alliance members do not seem like they favour this event at all.