Food review: sembang nasi ayam

Thought of jotting this entry yesterday after I had a really good tasting nasi ayam meal from a stall in Tesco Semenyih. The chicken was perfectly roasted. The rice was perfectly cooked and seasoned, and not oily. It does not have that extra yellow colouring. The sauce and ketchup are of perfect balance of spice, heat and sweetness. Yes, everything is perfect when we love it, huh? And this nasi ayam is much better than those sold at the ever popular Semenyih chicken rice near the Semenyih public field. That is to my liking, ya! I went there once or twice only since I moved here. My neighbour also have not asked me to buy from there since I recommended this Tesco food court chicken rice. And there is another phenomenal nasi ayam stall nearby BSN Semenyih if not mistaken . Just that there is not much sold and the food were already sold out at 12 noon!