Food Review: Mi Tarik Warisan New Outlet at Metropint Kajang

First week of working in the new year got me quite out if tune. Went to Kajang just to take my mind off this stupidity.

Besides noodles, rice meals and four types of dumplings are also available. Chicken, beef, mutton, and vege. That is as far as I remembered. I ordered the mutton dumpling that comes with a hot dipping sauce. I feel that the mutton dumpling was too muttony. Perhaps there was no seasoning or spices on the mutton itself, just some salt. However the mutton was moist enough. The dumpling pastry was quite thick. I am not sure if that is a proper thickness for a dumpling because I haven't had much dumplings myself but I need to a lot of dipping sauce to suite my pallate. The dipping sauce had too much chilli seeds in it and so oily. What I did was crack open the dumpling a bit and carefully scoop the dipping sauce into the dumpling pouch. I don't like the spring onions sprinkled all over. After a few bites, the taste was really not good. I did not able to finish the remaining three. RM8 for 10 dumplings if not mistaken.
The highlight of the restaurant is of course noodles. Many variants of noodles soups and sauces are available. We tried this noodles in beef broth. I think this bowl costs RM12 something. The beef slices were generous. The soup was very flavourful. My son though he did not finish the noodles still slurping the broth almost empty. Our last order was a hot soymilk. Probably made in haste, I could see bits of unmixed soy powder on the surface. The drink was too hot too, still very hot when we were leaving. I often order hot soy milk at Old Town white coffee restaurant at Tesco Semenyih that could be consumed after 10 minutes. There is a ba bao tea 八寶茶 promoted as the house signature drink which perhaps I try later. It looked really vibrant!