Gameloft March of Empires Wonder event

Here comes the Wonder event again

It is usually a solo event.
Find Builders after you have deplete resource tiles. Level 1-4 yields 3 Builders, level 5 and 6 gives 4 Builders, level 7 gives 5, level 8 gives 6. These are the ones that I know of.
Or attack encounters to get those Builders, but this is not my priority since we could lose troops and need resources to heal them up. In this example, I hit a level 5 encounter.
Alrite so where to swnd tbose Builders to? Just follow the direction to the Great Statue.
The Builders would have to travel here. If your castle is just nearby, it would not take too long to reach it. Remember to get geared up with March Speed equipments. But if you are too far away from the location, the best is to use a Precise Location and place your castle near the statue.
This shows you how much you could score. Sent Builders will reward you with 2 points, if not they would still give one point.
My strategy is gather at level 1 food tiles. It will complete in 5 minutes and times 5 tiles to get 10 Builders in 5 minutes. Focus your Champion talent to Gathering Speed, equip with gathering speed gears and put a gathering speed boost. Level 1 tiles are available on No Man's Land - close to the sea and has no capitals.
Alrite, happy gathering. Next I will upgrade my castle to level 27 💪💪