Raya memories

4:15 pm

Ketupat weaving- anyam ketupat is one of my best raya memories. I am like one of the rare craftsmen in the family when it comes to ketupat weaving. I remembered once it was only me who could weave the ketupat amongst my cousins the 20 of us then. Quite proud!
So today without further thinking I took this responsibility. The truth is my last ketupat weaving was about 10 years ago. Sad. I immediately tried my hands on those ribbons. The result was devastating. I went on trying a few more times, telling myself that the how-to is still somewhere in my head, I just need to dig it out somehow. Weaving is one problem, weaving with ribbons is another problem. I have never weaved ketupat out of ribbons, just palm leaves as much as I could remember.
I am happy that I eventually manage to weave these ribbon ketupat. If I did not make it, I sure regretted that I took the job just now.

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