Masak bubur campur-campur

8:42 pm

Yesterday afternoon my mom in law came and brought us so much food. Thanx mom. One of them was a cob of corn which has been boiled. I thought of making a sweet soupy dessert out of it in the evening but the thought came a tad later so here I am making it today. I just kept it in the fridge over the night.

So I just need to prepare the corn into small bits for this soupy sweet dessert. Boil water first. Only after it has boiled than the sago pearls can jump in. If watrr is not boiling, we would get glue instead of that cooked sago pearls. Give it a little stir then cover pot for 15 minutes. Make sure that the fire is not too hot and oveeflow your cooking.
After 15 minutes, check that the white pearls are now like 75% cooked with almost glistening see through appearance, not white anymore. You need to prolong cooking time if most of the pearls are still white. Then pour some cha cha in. Give it a little stir and continue to cover pot for the next 15 minutes. Measure about the same amount of brown sugarand dissolve it in a bit of water and let it sit for a while. On the side boil the same amount of water that you are using to cook pearls and cha cha because that cooking water will be discarded.
After the second 15 minutes, make sure that cha cha is all soft and sago pearls are glistening and transparent not at all white anymore. If they are still uncooked, cover pot and cook further. When everything is cooked, turn fire off and let the soup base sit for a minute. Slowly and carefully take it to drain the cooking water as much as you can. Then pour back in the same amount of hot water and add corn bits. Pour the dissolved brown sugar and let the mixture simmer for 5 minutes. Remember that this corn has been boiled so if you are using raw corn, perhaps we need a bit longer than 5 minutes simmering time. As you could see, the brown sugar contains quite an amount of impurities, so pour the solution carefully. When the mixture has boiled, add in about two table spoons of cream coconut and let it simmer for a couple of minutes and stirring it continuously. This recipe will result in minimal sweetness and creaminess so it may be adjusted according to your taste. 
I love this glistening translucent pearls in my sweet soups nowadays. Bubur kacang ke, red bean soup ke, bubur cha cha ke, semua aku masakkan biji sagu ni. So the verdict for this soup is taste wise but the cha cha is not suitable for this brownish appearance. The next time I am including this cha cha, the soup will be white and use soft brown sugar for that less sweetening effect.

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