King's empire Level 5 Revenge Knight

9:25 am

As you could see here, there is not much to attack in a level 5 Revenge Knight. It is an easy target. The problem is we have to attack 4 times to reduce its HP to 0 and there is a cool down period of 30 minutes in between each attack. It would be between-
1. You forget about that 30 minutes.
2. You do not have Courage Blade to cancel the cool down period.

3. You triggered ill fortune from attacking level 8 and above normal npcs. Ill fortune will abude you from attacking the knights for 1 hour.

4. You do not have Alliance Signet to cancel the effect of ill fortune.

5. The worst thing is after all you have been through, somebody ekse snatches your 25 HP knight. 😭😭😭

Ha well, those are the facts of life 😁

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