The need for extra sugar

5:18 pm

I saw special cake flavours crafted for Mother's Day at one of King's Confectionery outlets. Brief cake description just made me drooling 😋😋. Almost bought one though but then I was like there is so much going around with the cake I might end up having it all to myself since my boys just like plain chocolate cake with perhaps some chocolate ganache at times.
I have been having this crazy craving with chocolate and sweets since last two weeks. Bought a Mars bar anyway last week but still not enough to stop me from thinking about chocolate. The next day if not mistaken, I bought a piece of Secret Recipes chocolate fudge cake but feeling unsatisfied with it. It was a bit dry perhaps of staying chilled. Tasty chocolate cake by Secret Recipe has got to be Chocolate Indulgence. Yesterday I almost finished a small packet of Ribena pastilles that Denotboy did not want to eat.
If I still wish to have extra sugar tomorrow, perhaps I would buy that mother's day cake then I would give half of it to my neighbour 😘

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