Oh... aku tergoda (tak mahu aku terkecewa, dari kerana mata...)

8:12 pm

I started watching this show like last week and I really like how the host goes around the show with the children. This evening I saw an interesting recipe name and can't wait to find out more about it!
here is the cake title that got me all drooling.
Recipe ahoy! But you know me, entah bila nak buatnya. Visit for more recipes great for your kids.
I remembered once I taught Year 3 students to make coffee and Year 2 students to make a toy robot. The aim of those lessons was to learn about verbs. So basically learned the spelling then the use of it in everyday life. My idea was show them in some form of action without telling the translation in Malay. Unfortunately, the mentality I get was eleh senang je kitorang tau buat and at the end pupils did not get the verbs I wanted to teach them. That was quite some times ago. More fun to teach the lower level since we are not obliged to exams as seriously as the upper primary. Learning was really creative.

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