King's Empire Red Plot Spirit Camp

It has​ been very long since my last attack on a Spirit Camp. Let's investigate a red plot spirit camp today.
Alrite so this is where it says in the event's TnC. Just attack 15 spirit camps (of any level I supposed) to get a red plot Spirit Camp appears. It works in 15 batches.
When the 15th. camp is hit, a notification mail will come in. So hurry now! Be informed that the number of Corrosive Worms in there is as the same of that in a non red plotted level 5 Spirit camp. So it should not be too hard to take the double reward, which is a reward deserved anyway. The verdict is not as enticing as the feeling of obtaining the red plot camp. **The 15 batches only work on the same day. It will not work if you attack 8 today then another 7 tomorrow, alrite...
Running out of spirit vouchers? Do not fret! Just recruit 7k Swordsmen (and use speed ups if you wish.) This time, I am targetting 3rd tier prize by attacking level 5 camps ✌