3:02 pm

So when I decide to start on marking papers yesterday morning, I just realized that I have forgotten to bring a red pen home! So I started to look around the house and see what to buy besides the red pen. Oke, a few things. I thought of going to Tesco to buy stuff and collect points. So we immediately left as soon as Zafran finished his lunch. Red pen checked, other few things checked but cooking oil not checked. The two brands that we usually buy were already out of stock at Tesco yesterday. Thank goodness I could buy it at 99 Speedmart which was like 3 minutes drive from my house. Hah... if only I knew! Then at home, I realized that I have bought the wrong size of pen. I looked at the size that I actually wanted but picked the ones which I thought cheaper. Sigh... Nevertheless, hope this one pen is enough to mark papers from the 12 classes that I teach.

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