March of Empires Hiring A Spy

For Espionage missions, we need to build the Dungeon only when the castle reaches level 20. The Dungeon offers 3 types of spies. I currently can only hire Assassin. 3 million silver which was collected by selling off food. It would take too long when you collect silver just by gathering.
So when you have enough silver, just say Yes. 
You can rename if you wish.
These are the missions that Shue Uemura can take. Currently he is level 3 so I could only send him to ambush adventures in an active city. Dead cities with 0 army might will have no adventures going on. Espionage activities will need vigor. Anyway, I will embark on more espionage activities when I find farming is boring and picking on other people is more fun 😝😝 Reminds me a lot of my days in Kings of Chaos.