When everybody else is working today

11:24 am

Think I have dodged the Monday blues bullet... entahlah Labu...
Anyway, my good breakfast with some coffee without fail (it's the coffee without fail, not the veggie xixi...) We had Annual Sports Day yesterday, Sunday and today we are granted a day off pertaining to the sports day event. Anyway, got up as early as usual, sent Farhan to school and came back doing washing and folding clothes and eating on the way. I am thinking of getting the SLaP job done, but it's a day off, perhaps I should not be thinking of work? I haven't seen my games today. I just took a few minutes to send my troops to gather resources. Oh yeah, I was watching Person of Interest when Camryn Mayhem got fce to face with Agent Shaw while they were running away with Arthur Claypool and Harold, then watched Gotham where the known dead Theo Galavan was resurrected and fell from the PD roof and seen live on TV, then watched Friends where Chandler was dating Monica's boss. I did not know why I watched Friends. Perhaps it was just one of the shows on the channel that was running after one another. I mean, I am not a fan, why would I pay attention to it. Anyway, gotta be ready to fetch my boys from school in a moment.
Glad we dodged the blues of Monday bullet!

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