King's Empire Inscription Enhancement

I have never done any inscription enhancement before, so today just tried once to publish here and perhaps more later if I got addicted to it πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ So I m using the inscription which are already fixed to the Squires. Check out the stats first.
The inscription that is chosen will dim and the attribute will be shown at the bottom. I will enyqnce this stat a bit for now. Click Enhance.
This menu displays how much essences we have and how much needed to enhance (Enhance Consumption). Click Enhance to execute. The inscription will glow a bit πŸ’–
Alrite, stat shows that particular inscription has now been enhanced with greater point from before. So let's see what else I can enhance today (til all those essences drained 😸😸)


  1. Hello, can you help me with best attack and defense incription for meat grinderd?

    1. I suggest you join a good alliance because there players will share a lot of information. my account is currently frozen


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