King's Empire Golden Painite Village in the event Village Summoning

This is my second time getting lucky in summoning a Golden painite village in the event Village Summoning. Just attack any level 11 npc FOR THE FIRST TIME when the event kick starts. Yes, just once and the lucky one.

Lucky mail.
There's the level 2 Golden painite village with a golden circle around it.
I did not scout on the village first the other day, just attacked it with any soldiers in that city. I have marched most of them to another city the day before. The Golden village will give you 200 points in the event and I will not let other people snatch that village, especially the neighbouring player Terry. By the way, I seldom see Terry occupying villages this few weeks. Perhaps Terry is busy with college or work or family 😀 Anyway, about 30K of acidic wormies await you along with some 35K Alliance Guards that just can't wait to bash your troops with their heavy shields- so to speak 😅