March of Empires Using Equipments on your Champion

4:02 pm

If we can equip certain equipments to our champion, we could save time in recruiting, building, gathering and researching.
In this example, pleae note the required time needed to research this technology.
This is the champion equipped with some blings. Let's investigate the ones with the quality of reducing the time needed to research  a technology.
Just look up for equipments with Research Speed. These boots save 4% of the time needed.
 saves 3%. This type of equipment (blades) can be equipped in 2 pieces.
Another 5%. This type of equippemnt could alao be equipped ith 2 pieces.
Epic equipment that I just crafted 2weeks ago further saves 15% of allocated time.
Now note that the time needed to research is now reduced to 8 days from 10 days. Note the gold needed to instantly finish the research is also reduced.
Am currently trying to craft this to further save time in researching.
Before I can craft that epic equipment, I have to craft the Cavalry blade to craft the Ornate grips. Um, ya... You will get used to it too.

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