March of Empires Let Us Craft Equipments 😍

3:19 am

Champions may be equipped to further enhance their quality. Equipments can be found from gathering, attacking, and completing quests, and some of them can be crafted from existing equipments in our inventory.

Just click on your champion icon and look into Equipment menu. Three types of actions are available. When you choose Crafting, it opens the Crafting menu. You are shown the name of equipments available for crafting and the quality resulted from the equipments being used. Higher quality equipments are crafted from lower rarity equipments.
Say you want to craft this helm, its menu will show you which things you have (ready for crafting) and those you do not have yet (go find then). You will also need some silver. Higher rarity equipments will cost more silver, up to a few millions.
When everything is available for crafting, all the connecting lines are coloured and the button CRAFT is active, waiting for a click.

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