Gameloft March of Empires To Quickly Obtain Equipments from Gathering Activities

9:07 am

One of the ways to obtain equipments is from gathering activities. Note that this will only result from depleting (number if resources is down to zero 0) a tile.
The strategy is to find tiles that are almost depleting. Gathering will take between 5 to 10 minutes with Gathering Speed equipments, and a little bit longer without. If you are gathering food, it will take the shortest time, followed by woods, stones, iron and silver.
You don't just get one equipment or the ordinary ones. I have got 3 equipments and once an Epic equipment (the best quality, yellow tag). Check system mail to see what equipments you have obtained. So for me, in an hour time, I may get up to 10 equipments.
But scavenging is not very easy and it takes time as well. But if you like t collect blings for your champs, here is a way to go. 

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