Gameloft March Of Empires Merchant's Challenge

8:16 am

Merchant's Challenge is one of the regular event/ quest in this game which only requires you to trade (the highest) at the Trading Posts. The hurdles with this event are:
1. Number of marches that depends on the level of your castle. Currently my castle is at level 20 so 5 marches can take place.
2. Positive trades and possibly higher trade volume.
3. March speed so that your traders can go to farther trading posts when good trades are available.
4. Trade load so you can trade as much as possible.
So in this post, I am focusing on the trade load which could be increased by putting on equipments. I am currently using the bracers obtained from attacking Viking camps. Every victorious attack will award you a chest of different levels. The bracers are obtained randomly by opening those chests. Other things that can result from opening the chests are resources, lottery tickets, speed ups, GOLD and perhaps basically other game enhancement stuff. So the green tag bracer allows  up to 10% increment and the blue tag allows up to 18%. Such equipments could also be crafted.

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