King's Empire when Camilla has star up

11:24 pm

Yay, I was able to star up my aloof female rider last week. To Three Stars status, she needs 20 splinters and 2 pcs 4 star runes the yellow and green ones.
How come her intelligence is only 143, she is not a blonde! Hehe... Her newly adapted stat. Don't understand, don't fret.
Just look at the attributes. The numbers are translated in the form of something readable (um is that even a valid word- readable?), and hopefully understandable.
As you scroll down, you will notice what that she does best is now 100% increased. Like now if I wish to attack a level 11 Robber's camp from a city with 2 pieces of 4 star attack runes, I just need to send 18K Royal knights to totally vanishing it from the map and allow new npc to take place at map refresh. Well, just to attack nearby npcs because the Royal knights eat so, so much. Much more than the Battering rams. I mean 1 knight on a horsie and as for the battering rams, they must need a few soldiers to operate it, how could a battering ram consumes less food than a knight? Bah...
Anyway, my beautiful Camilla now is a little ahead of Lancelot, just that both of them still at the same level 17. I am currently trying my best to summon Moira fist than getting the others a star up.

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