Cuba cuba pergi dobi layan diri

4:36 pm

It is raining almost everyday this month. Even if it does not rain, there is just not enough sunlight to dry the clothes outside anyway. I have been thinking of trying out a self service laundry since I saw a few nearby Tesco Semenyih, but still too far from my housing taman. Without me realising it, there is already a self service laundry in my housing taman. I saw it like a few weeks ago when I was just drove around the shop lots looking for a furniture shop. So today I decided to try self seevice laundry out!
Self seevice laundry needs coins. If you do not have any, do not fret because there is a coin exchange machine.
So today I am using the dryer. I asked a patron who just happened to start using the dryer too. Just place the damp clothes into it, close the door, choose the temperature from low, medium or high, insert coins then start. For this session, the cost is RM4.50.
Yay, clothes are now dry and ready to go home. That is about 10kg wash.
There is the shop Cleanpro in Bandar Tasik Kesuma, dekat je dengan Kolej Profesional MARA.

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