King's empire attacking Revenge Knights

3:41 am

Revenge Knight is one of events in KE. They will appear randomly on the map and the system mail will get us notified.
Revenge Knight ranging from level 1 to 10. The troops defending it are The Iron Heeled Knights and the Revenge Chariots. The upper shot is the level 2 revenge knight and at the bottom is the level 1.

The upper shot is an example of an attack on level 1 revenge knight. Actually do not have to send that much of high food consuming troops (just level 1 opponent right). I just wanted them to come back a.s.a.p. so that I could quickly screenshoot the loot as shown at the bottom.

After each attack, Army Maintenance is enforced, meaning that we cannot attack another Revenge Knight for a certain length of time. It is just a cool down period in other words. This army maintenance however can be nullified by using the courage blades. Courage blade fragments can be obtained by attacking normal level 8 to 11 npcs. 5 fragments form 1 comete blade. But one more thing with this attacking of the normal npcs, Ill fortune can be triggered and we have to use the Alliance Signet to dispel it. Ill fortune will bar us from attacking the knights.
Get rewarded when you get certain scores and try out for the leader board prize if you have plenty of time.
Oopsies... forget to show you how does a revenge knight looks like. Well, just a soldier on a horsie :p The thing about a revenge knight is that it's got HP. Note that in the upper shot, the HP is 50 then further lowered to HP 25. After the next attack, the npc will just disappear.

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