It has been a long time since I last savour the smell of a freshly baked cake

9:36 am

I took out a cereal box this morning after Mr.Daddy took off to work, but to my dismay, the box was already swarming with ants. I just bought that and only took one serving. So I threw that and started to clean up and found some self raising flour that has been kept for a couple of months. I use it in my jemput2 mixture nowadays, not baking. So I was like let's try baking in that rice cooker. Fortunately all the basic ingredients are available at the moment and I quickly whipped the recipe that came with the cooker's instruction manual.
This should be the second image, but anyway... Nice and sturdy vanilla cake with a little milk mixed in.
Cake is ready after 50minutes of cooking in the micro computer rice cooker.
Messy work bench, which is also the stove in the kitchen.
And better wash a. s. a. p before water disruption takes place again.
The cake itself is nothing grand, not to showcase any cooking skills either, just sharing how good the smell that is coming out from the oven while the cake is being baked, the smell of freshly baked cake. Ages since I last baked one. If only we could share the smell here!

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