King's empire Talent Gathering event

6:17 pm

Talent Gathering is another recruiting event. The highlight of this event is scoring 240K to obtain one Echo soul splinter (second tier prize). The first strategy is to recruit sky city troops. In this event, two sky city troops can be recruited in the 5th. city. Expand your warehouse or have  lease for a second warehouse.

Try to recruit 10K soldiers at a time because you can save half the time for the next recruitment in any city. Aim for training battering rams or meat grinders or the sky city troops which have longer training periods. Anyway, it is only allowed 5 times.
The next highlight is obtaining one of the soul splinters by recruiting 50K soldiers. What I did was recruit 33500 Swordsmen in the 5th. city then use the recruit stone (can be used only in the 5th. city) that grants another 50% soldiers then use the speed up Accelerated Recruitment . Remember to have ONLY ONE RECRUITMENT QUEUE when you decide to use the Recruit Stone because it will grant extra recruitment randomly if you have more than one recruitment taking place.
The reason of recruiting swordsmen are becaUse they need the least of resources and they train the quickest.

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