king's empire Alliance Guard Rank Up scoring without attacking anybody

9:26 pm

Here is a tip on how to score in Alliance Guard rank up event without attacking anybody.
First and foremost, make sure you have the alliance guard that can only be obtained from the alliance base. If you are not in any alliance, you can start join one now.

Here's your Alliance guard, heavily armoured to protect your precious cities.

The strategy is to focus on times 8 score for the total of at least 1000 so you do not get a warning mail from one of your alliance Ministers. First tier prize score is some about 5K.
You would be needing the GoldenBlade that willallow the conversion of the alliance guard into golden scorpions. That is the rank up about. Just attack npcs for chances to obtain one.
Just use 125 blades for the minimum 1000 score. To obtain the first tier rewards, use 526 blades. Surely you can calculate that by yourself!

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