king's empire - the npc is mine!

12:14 pm

I am not being nasty,I am just being an alpha female muahaha!

A number of players have been moving in the viccinity of my city and it is such a nuisance with npcs appearing too far away. So if I havevspare time like 10 minutes before npc refresh, I will use camp fatwa and clear the spot just beside my city in hopes that the next npc will refresh there. Hoping, alrite. So far it has worked well.
BTW, I just used lotsa food resource to attack sanctuaries in this Race against time recruitment event. (you know, steal other people's sanctuaries ...) So far I got three Corinna's splinter, some 3k maggots and 200 exp potion for my devilier Jarvis (no smirking tuff guy hahaha!)

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