King's Empire- I finally got 1 Camilla

3:42 pm

Yesterday evening, I got the third Camilla spinter by exchanging wondrous essences. Yeah, it is super easy and make sure you all do not miss yours too. So this morning, I checked the inventory and I only need one more splinter, so I just undoubtfully march a troop to Camilla's altar and voila the 30th splinter to complete them all!

To bring Camilla to life, just open your Hero inventory and use her 30 splinters. Congrats!
To appoint her to your city, click on the hero icon, then Appoint tab then appoint her.
There's your ... I mean my vewy pweety Camilla. I am not sure if you are comfortable riding your horsies in that, but I am pretty sure that the morale of my diligent troops will rise high, high up, hehe...
Lots to do with her afterwards!

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