Hari ni ada kek krim keju tanpa bakar

9:20 pm

I have wanted to make a no-bake cheesecake since ages (huhu...) Actually, something moved me to make one this week but I don't remember what already. Last Tuesday, I went to get the ingredients needed but no recipe yet. I was just recalling from past readings, youtube and what friends told me. Vaguely I should say. Anyway, I grabbed McVities that was on sale (yippie! Grabbed 2), Tatura cream cheese (250g) on sale too and I asked Mr. Daddy to buy a butter brand that is akso on sale this week. Buy two for the price of about 5 bucks. I looked for a recipe only yesterday and used Martha Stewart'sMartha Stewart no bake cheesecake version with my own twist. At about 2pm, I started on making it.
Here are the filling ingredients. I just used one fourth lemon and its zest for that 250g cream cheese. Half cup of sweetened condensed milk and like 5 table spoons of UHT milk. The jam is to be swirled on the cake.
I totally underestimated the cream cheese by stirring it in this measuring jug. I do not have an electric mixer, but that should not be a hurdle, huh? But hand beating is just agonizing because the cream cheese is quite hard. I used my rice spatula to cut the cheese into smaller pieces and then stir them around in the container until it is a bit soft. Then just add in the liquids and the thick cream cheese slowly softens more and easier to be managed.
The agony of stirring is gone now just pour the beaten and flavoured cream cheese in the middle of frozen McVities base then slowly wiggle it until it covers the whole base. Then it is swirling time. Hm... I should have made it into thick syrup form. Anyway, just froze it away for about 3 hours.
Tadaa... looking sturdy coming out of the freezer. Quite hard but no matter. I need to work on the base because this version is a bit dry. Perhaps put in more butter? Work on that later.
Yep, tastes quite nice. Just enough sour and sweetness balance. The berry jam seems ro contains lots of seeds, so it should be strained away if the blueberry swirl is made of thick syrup.

Enjoying a creamy cheesy experience.

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