king's empire emergency preparations

3:30 pm

taken yesterday though
The highlights:
1) if you want hero soul splinters, here's your chance. Just use 30 level 3 speed ups (wat de tuuuuut!)
2) you can recruit sky city troops in your first city when you find the emergency prep buff randomly after attacking a level 11 npc. The buff is active for 10 minutes. Once you have recruited, it will not be visible in your main city barrack.
If you can recruit sky city soldiers, you can enjoy more points.
Got my buff!
A fanatic cavalry can be recruited at 40 seconds per soldier with 200% resource. With a full warehouse of 8mil resource, some 2k of them can be trained, so I stretched the resource needed down to 180% to train about 3.5k of them for 44 hours. Now I remember that I have some warehouse expansion lease. 
updated at 6:34pm- you will get certain prizes for completing the recruitment of these sky city troops. God luck.

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