King's Empire: save gold during healing

4:31 pm

This post is going to be great (kuikuikui...)
Anyway, here's how we could save a bit of gold to heal soldiers especially during war times.

Unfortunately, I just got hit by an old enemy this morning. As shown here, I need some 140K gold to heal wounded soldiers.
So, just make sure your city to place these soldiers for healing is appointed with a hero. If you have to heal soldiers in separate cities because of the availability of gold, just appoint the hero at the target city each time before you start healing.
Voila! Reduced amount of gold needed to heal the same number of injured soldiers.
War times is also a good time to earn more gold by selling food at hefty prices. To make sure that people take your trades, sell in batches of 1.3million food at 0.02 lower than the lowest price available. Good luck.

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