Kemahiran Hidup

12:38 am

I am actually quite enthusiastic with reality shows featuring children like masterchef junior and project runway. It is fascinating to see 6 year old cooks and get positive critics, and 10 year olds creating fashionable clothing like an adult. I talked about it with my 60 year old mum about how excited I was to know that children at that tender age would have accomplished and she told me that she had learnt sewing (mending torn clothes) when she was only 7 at school. wow I thought. I used to teach KH for two years before 2010. My opinion at that time was kemahiran hidup taught in schools is very technical. Take introduction to business where children of the age of 10 would have to be expised to invoice and master the use of one. Hm... they only know if one sweets is 20 cents, then 2 sweets is 40 cents, and it is cash and carry, no invoice needed. 
So, this few days, I thought why not introduce Farhan simple housework. He enjoys washing like he enjoys water play. I have tried him on tidying things but that completely dependant of his mood of the day. Perhaps later he could help me pluck some leafy veggies and wash them. Perhaps these are a few early kemahiran hidup that he needs.

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