the first 30 days

11:16 pm

Alhamdulillah, Fia is now 30 days old, growing up healthy and loved by her brothers.
Me and Mr. Daddy took her for Hep.B shot and physician's examination yesterday as instructed. The apointment was set at 8am at the klinik desa then to the klinik kesihatan soon afterwards because no physician available for consultation and examination at the klinik desa, but only nurses (jururawat masyarakat JM) of 6 to 7 persons. We arrived at the klinik desa at 10am though. At about 11:15am, Fia was called for her consultation and we could go home at about 5minutes before 12 noon. So we quickly made our way to the klinik kesihatan of 5 minutes drive from there, and still managed to buy some buns and drinks from the nearest 7E. So we reached the klinik kesihatan at about 12:15 noon. Perhaps that was 30 minutes before the counter closes. We went there just to allow the physician to make physical examination on Fia. By 1 o'clock or so, we were already heading home!
Visitting KD Rinching Tengah and KK Beranang quite often nowadays, this is my usual visitting hours, that is to come just come just before the counter is closing. If I come really early in the morning, the first patient to be called into the physician's room for consultation and examination would be at 8:30 am. I would come at this hour if I am the one who is sick (not the children) so that if the doctor examines and sure that I am not able to work then she could produce MC and I have to communicate with my supervisor as early as possible then go home and rest. But when the children need to see the doctor, I would ask my supervisor if I could leave work at 12 noon to go to the clinic and not come back to work then (official working hour is until 1:20 pm).
May Fia continue her days without much of fuss.

Zafran geram sangat dengan Fia. Kena sentiasa awasi dia takut terpicit Fia dengan tangan tembam dia tu.

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