King's Empire Rebel Swordsmen

5:43 pm

My post about Rebel Swordsmen is very simple. For further information, be a bit diligent by reading event's term and condition, mwah!

There's your Rebel Swordsmen, with a light saber in his hands (miahaha). Starting from level 1, they will evolve up to level 5 after every attack.
Spy first before attacking. No spies there so intel report is 100% achievable. Intel shows easy peasy target and some resources.
So just send some stronger troops to fight behind enemy lines. Loot some other things than what have been reported in the intel report as well, score and obtain tier 1 to 3 prizes, or place yourself on the leaderboard. One needs to spend quite an amount of gems though.
I have attacked these rebel swordsmen up to level 3 or 4 and were about to publish the findings here, but then I got somewhat lazy. IF I found the screenshots, perhaps I publish them later. But as I have mentioned, this is an easy target. Good luck.

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