Gameloft March of Empires events

4:39 pm

Experimenting with other game app.

Relic Hunting event:
A relic looks like the top picture but I tell you it will stress your eyes finding one because first off it is very small and secondly it is scattered very far far away from one another.
World Encounters:
This event refers to defeating thieves camps that look like the top image. After defeating a camp, your troops need to rest for a while before attacking another camp. So in the mean time, you could occupy youself by attacking other players or trading or something else.
Simply said to attack and resulting in wounding or killing troops of the opponent. You can attack thieves camps and of course other players.
Trading events:
Even trading can give you game advantage. Find trading posts and trade and score either for yourslf or your alliance. The trading post in blue circle indicates your own alliance trading post where you cannot trade but only collect tax and upgrade building level. So look for trading post of white or navy blue which indicate trading posts of alliances that your alliance has no conflict with to trade.
Ancient Towers:
I do not know how these towers appear on your alliance soil but they are controlled by other alliance. Attack them to take control and score.

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