Beli kasut baru

3:54 pm

nasib baik ingat nak beli kasut kerja tadi.
It was very saddening to find out that my shoes at work, two pairs of them are now gone. My colleague's best guess is that those shoes were already thrown away since the admin of the school ordered anything that loks unwanted and gets in the way of cleaning, just throw them away. The issue was we were told to just organize things not clear things off the desks because the seats  are going to be reshuffled for the new year. Even so, it is not their right to just throw anything away since I have placed those shoes in their boxes and kept them in one other bigger box under my desk.
Went to The Store Semenyih just now with daddy because he wants to buy a new pair for himself for work as well, only then that I thought that I ought to buy a pair for myself. So I looked around and saw not much of choices that I really like, but this pair that I bought was the closest. I like the design but would really love it with wedges or platform. Crazy in love with such shoes. The pair that caught my eyes was red but no size available, but I like the design so colour I do not really mind. Brown is not a bad shoe colour. Not wearing black this year perhaps. Got them at half price for only about 40 bucks. The brand Julia Filio at The Store has caught my attention but I have never bought any products of it, so if this pair is a winning one, I would definitely buy more in the future.

Kasut telah ditaja En.Suami. Terima kasih :*

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