susulan daripada post Kalendar Perancangan 2016

8:22 pm

Borrowed a pretty rose painting image from the internet and design a simple cover in the power point app and got it printed on a photo paper.

Put the cover together with the calendar. The calendar stand was made of old thermos box. The paper is thick and sturdy. So this will be placed on my desk at work so I will not miss exam dates (as exam coordinator, I need to know exam dates to organize meetings, SOP, letters and stuff one month before the exams). Hope I will not miss the dates like I have this two years. (ouch!)
Since I bought the printer, I have been thinking on projects like such either for personal use or home purposes. In the previous years, I have to plan photocopying at least a day before, but now I can photocopy anything at any time. And this yearly planner, I always had to buy one, or at least got 1 as a compliment from NUTP as a member.

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