king's empire Xmas event (2015)

1:39 pm

this Xmas, update your KE app and experience snow, but the app could crash though. Mine is not too annoying because I just need to force stop it and go back into the game, while others have to restart the phone.

You can find a snowman in the middle of your city. The aim is to build and decorate it and get painites, and being at the top of the leaderboard will win you fabolous prizes ( of course).
Click the snowman to see what is inside. If you see this, the snowman is waiting for building time and you can get small prizes by clicking Snatch. 10 times for free. After 10 times all used up, you can use (ehem... pay) 2 gems to snatch more. Examples of prizes are 100 demon souls, 3 exp potion (S), and some others I can't remember much because they appeared and gone so fast.

If you enter and see this, it means it is building time. Get the painites rewards by using certain building or decorating materials that will add up the score.
These are the things that are needed to build or decorate the snowman. If you have them, just click to use them. They worth certain points that will get you the painite reward and place you on the leaderboard. The easiest way to obtain them is of course to buy them with gems, but if you have time to waste, you can do it my way.
Find a Xmas Tree. Intel shows some 2000 swordsmen there, which is a very easy peasy target. You will plunder a small amount of resource and obtain materials to build the snowman.
You need to dig at the Xmas tree though, so you need shovels which you still have to buy with gems. It is currently sold at 1 gem per Ordinary Shovel. I remembered that I got some shovels for free but did not recall how but only 2 left, so I still buy a few with gems that I have won from the well or other events. I have not purchased any gems so far. So your troop will march to the Xmas tree only when you have equipped them with one Ordinary Shovel. As for the other decorations, they can be obtained by attacking NPCs of level 8 and up and see if you are lucky enough. I would say that every 6 to 7 attacks, we have the chance to obtain those decorative items.
My opinion is, I would accumulate all these building and decorating materials until the very end to score at the leaderboard and see if I could win something. If one does not buy, one cannot win much. I am just in for the fun.
So yeah, happy building and decorating the snowman.

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