hm ...

9:13 pm

Thought this headache is already ceasing but it seems to come back.
Woke up this morning at 8 with a feeling of discomfort at the back of my neck. It did not feel that way when I was sleeping. I woke up at four with a bit of hunger and munched on a piece of bread spreaded with butter. Of course cannot go straight to sleep afterwards, I started the washing machine and waited a bit more for the food to ease in my stomach.
The discomfort continued on more like a pain at the back of my neck, creeping to my head- headache. I just had to take a painkiller after almost 8 hours, and the pain ent away about three hours later. I munched on some pomegranate and watched a bit of Titanic on the telly before cooking dinner.
Now back on the bed, the headache seems to come back ...

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