A few new furniture in the house

9:27 am

I have been planning to buy a few furniture for tje children's room and for my own personal use. Since I have extra money this year end, I decided to buy them now. We just went into Bahagia showroom in Tesco Semenyih and I was satisfied with the workmanship of the furniture exhibited. I even emphasized that I have once saw a well manufactured goods but when it came to my home, it was a really sloppy piece of product. So I do not want to experience that again- I said to the sales person. So we agreed to take a wooden bed with a pullout, a console table and a tv cabinet and that they are sent to our home the next weekend.
But the next weekend, the company could not send the goods as promised. First, it was because no mattress. The next day the sales person called, he was persuading us to buy another bed that we did not order. Of course we insisted on the things that we want in the first place. At last as a real promise, the furniture were sent three days later than the agreed date. Two people came at about 10pm (night) moving the furniture into our home and putting them together.
Looking at the quality of the furniture, it is recommended to buy from the company. But looking at the price, perhaps there are other more local to your neighbourhood furniture shop that would offer more value for money furniture or simply say cheaper. Furthermore, the catalog stated that it is year end offer, but I think only some full set or really expensive furniture is on sale whilst others like the ones we bought were sold at normal price. Example the sofa bed in the catalog, is said to be sold at offered price of some 600ringgit, but I saw one shop selling price of the same sofa bed but with no offer at just the same price. I think it is good to look around at a few other furniture shops before deciding on buying.

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