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Sports day on Saturday. I sat under the canopy from 8 a.m until 11a.m, taking records. Actually, I am very puzzled as to why the school's sports day been pushed from year start to the very end of the year. A shush-shush source lead to a conclusion (my conclusion) that 'the school' prioritize to focus on academics at year start thus pushing everything extra-curricular to the end of the year. But honestly, these extra-curricular activities were planned to be carried out every 2-3 months once which I thought would not interrupt any academic focus pointlessly. The decision to push them to year end just because to 'focus on the academics' was really so dumb unnecessary. And from my own observation, academics focus was still interfered by lengthy assemblies, lengthy launching ceremonies, lengthy briefings (brief- duh!) and unnecessary demonstration from so-so book companies and others.

UPSR result day. One of the 36 5As achievers.
5As and 4As scorers all smiles.
One proud father carried his daughter up the stage to take the 5As result slip.

Sesi mengumpat bos. Always boasting about how successful her children are now. In time, we just hate to listen to the same record. My emphasize here is, in this modern you-can-work-from-home-at-any-time day, I wanted to get the work done at home after I fetched my son from his school at three, so I estimated that the prrsentation would be done at home before 5 then I can email it. But madam boss said her children would use the computer at home and she may not be able to download it, and furthermore her printer at home is running out of ink. Cuba kalau aku yang bagi alasan macam tu ...
Then on Wednesday, Hari Kanak-kanak celebration. I just want to highlight how shabby the students look in this musical instruments ensemble. They could be instructed to wear the formal long sleeved white school shirt and the long skirt or trousers. The truth is, this is their dress code throughout the year- in tracksuit be it sports or no sports that particular week.
In the afternoon, teachers went to The Everly Putrajaya for a hi-tea. I am not sure of the bill per head, but what we had was very little and somewhat ordinary. First off the venue. We were told that the whole of The Fuze was booked for some 100 of us and that we could sit anywhere, but when we chose a spot, the staff instructed us to sit somewhere else and we only get to sit in front of the entrance. Bad fengshui. The food only one bland nasi goreng, one bland bihun sup, lasagna and buns- the heavy ones, with other lighter choices like siumai (frozen product), fried calamari ring, small cut sandwiches (not enough for 100 people), salads, cold chicken (quite bland as well), lamb stew (very lamby smell), and other sweet servings like small castard tart, apple crumble tarts (I thought, just that the filling was full of crumbly flour instead of tart filling), fruit cuts, and ABC. Kuih-muih tu banyak, tapi cuma karipap, kuih lapis, apam ayu - adalah lagi, just that they are so ordinary, very everyday kuih at the canteen, and 3 types of pudding/ jelly which I think better cgu Rosnaili punya trifle. I went back for lasagna and buns spread with Bridel butter.
Next day, Year 6 Graduation. This particular student, I really hope he could score 5A or at least scored A in his Science paper since I have seen his talent when he was 10. Congrats Idham Fitri.
Teachers also had a great time posing in graduation robe. They have worked hard two nights before the ceremony, making sure that the robes have arrived, gifts are ready, graduation hall all glammed up, and everything else perfect for the ceremony.
Yummy graduation lunch.
Tumpang gembira untuk kawan yang akan jadi pegawai di kementerian. Aku takdela dapat atau cari peluang macam ni. Tak ke mana rasanya, sini je lah forever to stay sampai aku tua nak bersara. Aku pun pegawai gak, pegawai kerajaan.

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