King's Empire Ancient Sanctuary

9:18 pm

Making sure that the most powerful runes in possession may help the boys in attacking. Also, do not forget to use any enhancement like Rush of Cavalry and/ or Machine Strengthening just before the attack.
Target is locked- a level 25 camp that is.
Did not forget to equip Sanctuary Protection won from previous events. If you do not have this, remember to get Guardian Angel blessingfor 60k of gold. This blessing lasts for at least 30 minutes.
Oh my, massive injuries.
Troops are smaller compared to the last attack I published, resulting in the high casualty number. Plus that camp was not annihilated- still standing at level 16. Bad decision.
Anyway, Battle Mages were able to initiate their magical attack power.
Um... just a chest full of painites. Perhaps at least 10k of painites in there (coz haven't checked).

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