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5:30 pm

When I got nominated to manage the Pusat Akses Komputer Sekolah, I did not not have interest to really dedicate myself to the task. The headmistress favours an ornamented room complete with curtains, flowers and etc stuff, but do not really have the budget for all of that. My idea is very minimal- just a room that meets formal neccessities like guest books, schedules and rules, and a bit of cute things just to please the headmistress. If the Pusat Sumber Sekolah has extra budget for curtains and flowers, just give them to me to be put there. Anyway, I had this idea of placing three simple rules of using the pc beside the pc.

This is actually step 2: laminate the rules on a piece of laminate plastic. Step 1 is of course to design the cutesy presentation of the rules.
The next step is to fold the laminated cuts into a triangle for it to stand and then can be placed beside the pc. Yes, it took me one year to realize this idea! I just sent this wonderful news to the PSS coordinator, apologized for procrastination of work and promised her to put them where I intend them to be when we come back for the school's first meeting after christmas.

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