King's Empire- things that could help you during recruiting events

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Yay, recruting event again, this time it is Elite recruitment. I like recruting event because we are rewarded by just recruiting troops. Easy peasy. We recruit everyday but this time it is rewarded. This guide is about stuff that I would usually use to pass reward tiers.
Our city could normally recruit two types pf troops at once, but with Blood Pact, we could add extra recruiting queue. I got these all from the Wishing Well or from the previous events. In the following image, the Recruit Stones will give one random bonus to your recruting queue, only that it could be used in the 5th. city. You see, it is an advantage to have the 5th. city for another reason that is sometimes in an event such as this, by recruiting a certain number of a certain troop, we can save recruiting time as well. So if you do not have the 5th. city yet, keep an eye on Divine statue sales that could be as cheap as 5 gems per statue.
Speedups are great to finish recruitment immediately, available for 15 minutes, 3 hours and 8 hours fast forwards. The Dragon soldier speedup is used to fast forward Dragon Barracks cooldown time (the time it needs to rest after converting normal troops into Dragon Soldiers).
Problems with little respurces? These are the things that could help us solve this issue. Supply Carts are obtained as npc loots or giveaway from the Wishing Well or alliance activity rewards. Divide Resources is obtained from raiding the npcs. I always use it when Stones are sold very cheap at the Marketplace, buy them fill up my Warehouse and then divide them into four. But resoures are always sold dearly during recruitment events. The Ancient Relics and other small stones imprinted with resources icon can give you 15% of Warehouse size of the designated resource. I thnk besides obtaining them as npcs loots or from giveaways and rewards, they could also be bought from the store.
Sometimes, not much of npcs available for attacks for resources during recruiting event, so your best option is to use Camp Fatwa or Level 11 Camp Hunter. These will make npcs appear just next to your cities. When Camp Hunter is used, the summoned level 11 camp will only appear near your 1st. city. The Camp Fatwa can appear near any city tjat you are using it. Say if you want an npc to appear beside your 3rd. city, what you do is go to your 3rd. city and use the Camp fatwa. Camp Fatwa will randomly make any level 8 to 11 npcs appear. But, if you use it regularly, level 11 npcs will appear more reglarly- that is my personal experience.

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