King's Empire: outcome of the last 24 hours Rune Event

5:56 pm

My target this time is of course the third tier prize and top 10, but was not achievable first off because I just had like 11K rune fragments to spend. Last time I was in top 10, I had about 16K rune shards.
Nevertheless, the prizes rewarded are satisfactory. But I tell you that we have got better prizes before :p
As you could see, I only managed to be in top 30. Try again next time.
These are the two additional rewards for upgrading the Dragon runes specialized to upskill the Dragon soldiers.
In other development, I found another broken piece of that Broad Sword today. Say now 4-5 days in a row with 450 stamina plus 150 stamina today. In that case, I will try again tomorrow, the next day, bla bla bla until I find the final fragment.
Just had a club sandwich of beef streak, lettuce, carrot, mayo, lightly buttered and toasted white bread and a dash of parmesan regiano. So for dinner I am having a light serving of pasta bolognese. Very light.

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